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  • Do I need to prep before my Lash appointment?
    Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup. This will ensure full use of time during your appointment.
  • Will Lash extensions damage my natural lashes?
    Short answer: No. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lash. At The L.A.B. Studio, our lash artists will apply to only one natural lash, and will apply an extension that is the appropriate weight and length to ensure the integrity of your natural lash. When lash extensions are applied incorrectly, (too heavy, too long, use of synthetic lashes, improper use of adhesive) they can cause damage. When choosing a lash artist, be sure to ask what techniques they practice and if they are properly certified.
  • Can I wear make-up with my extensions?
    Yes. However, oils break down the adhesive used for lash extensions. Most clients do not have any problems wearing their most loved makeup brands. We do offer eyeliner and mascara that is extension safe and will not affect the adhesive bonds.
  • How much do Lash Extensions cost?
    This very much depends on the area and level of skill and certification of the artist. Our price list is available on our website.
  • How long do lash extensions last?
    Lash extensions can last up to 4-6 weeks before you would need to book a for a full set again. Clients will need a lash fill every 2-3 weeks depending on their shedding cycle. Like all hair on the human body, your natural lashes grow in stages. Your natural lashes will shed regardless if lash extensions are applied. This allows our body to replace the weak/old hairs and replace with new/strong ones. Clients usually notice this more in the Fall and Spring.
  • Can I get Lash Extensions if I have previously had an allergic reaction?
    It Is rare to have an allergy caused by lash extension adhesive, but it does happen. This is usually a result of an inexperienced technician applying lash extensions on or too close to the lash line. Unfortunately, once you have had a previous reaction, there is a 90% chance you will react every time after with each time getting worse. If you have experienced this, please contact us before booking an appointment.
  • Do you work on other technician’s work?
    We do require that if you have lashes on by another artist that you book in for a free 15 min consultation to allow us to assess the quality and application. We will not accept a new Fill appointment until we complete the consultation.
  • How long does a Lashlift last?
    A lash lift lasts anywhere between 6-8 weeks.
  • Is it worth booking a Lashlift with a Tint?
    In our professional opinion, a Tint with the Lashlift makes a difference and we recommend if you have light hair to definitely book for a Lashlift & Tint.
  • Does Teeth whitening hurt?
    During the teeth whitening process, you can experience mild sensitivity. Most clients experience no sensitivity.
  • How long do the results of teeth whitening last?
    Usually lasts about 6 months. Results will vary based on diet and oral hygiene.
  • What is Dermaplaning?
    Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and "vellus hair" also known as peach fuzz, in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. This service is completed with a hydrojelly mask of the clients choice. This procedure is not meant for clients with lots active acne or extremely oily skin. This service is best suited for clients with normal, combination, dry or mature skin.This service can be done once a month for best results.
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